Providing improvement through innovation

Limni medical is dedicated to providing the means for improving the safety and results in reconstructive and plastic surgery. Our active presence in the operating room as well as our experience in launching innovative products gives us the upper hand in delivering the best possible products to our customers.

To ensure that we can provide good results, for the patient and surgeon, we have divided our efforts. 

Intraoperative diagnosis and analysis

In this area we aim to serve the mastectomy part of the surgery through state-of-the-art diagnostical equipment and easy-to-use accessories.

Avoiding provisional surgery is what we try to enable through equipment that helps the surgeon make the correct decision.

suturing and closure equipment

As the core treatment and therapies have developed very quickly during the last years it has become increasingly important to also cover a good long-term aesthetical result, and this is where the closure of the wound is a key component.

New surgical devices have been arriving to the market non-stop and we make sure you the surgeon has the best possible tools.